Class: QgsFontMarkerSymbolLayerWidget

class qgis.gui.QgsFontMarkerSymbolLayerWidget(vl: QgsVectorLayer | None, parent: QWidget | None = None)

Bases: QgsSymbolLayerWidget

Constructor for QgsFontMarkerSymbolLayerWidget.

actionEvent(self, a0: QActionEvent | None)
changeEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
childEvent(self, a0: QChildEvent | None)
closeEvent(self, a0: QCloseEvent | None)
connectNotify(self, signal: QMetaMethod)
contextMenuEvent(self, a0: QContextMenuEvent | None)
create(vl: QgsVectorLayer | None) QgsSymbolLayerWidget | None

Creates a new QgsFontMarkerSymbolLayerWidget.


vl (Optional[QgsVectorLayer]) – associated vector layer

Return type:


createExpressionContext(self) QgsExpressionContext
customEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
destroy(self, destroyWindow: bool = True, destroySubWindows: bool = True)
disconnectNotify(self, signal: QMetaMethod)
dragEnterEvent(self, a0: QDragEnterEvent | None)
dragLeaveEvent(self, a0: QDragLeaveEvent | None)
dragMoveEvent(self, a0: QDragMoveEvent | None)
dropEvent(self, a0: QDropEvent | None)
enterEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
event(self, a0: QEvent | None) bool
focusInEvent(self, a0: QFocusEvent | None)
focusNextChild(self) bool
focusNextPrevChild(self, next: bool) bool
focusOutEvent(self, a0: QFocusEvent | None)
focusPreviousChild(self) bool
hideEvent(self, a0: QHideEvent | None)
initPainter(self, painter: QPainter | None)
inputMethodEvent(self, a0: QInputMethodEvent | None)
isSignalConnected(self, signal: QMetaMethod) bool
keyPressEvent(self, a0: QKeyEvent | None)
keyReleaseEvent(self, a0: QKeyEvent | None)
leaveEvent(self, a0: QEvent | None)
metric(self, a0: QPaintDevice.PaintDeviceMetric) int
mouseDoubleClickEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mouseMoveEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mousePressEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
mouseReleaseEvent(self, a0: QMouseEvent | None)
moveEvent(self, a0: QMoveEvent | None)
nativeEvent(self, eventType: QByteArray | bytes | bytearray, message: PyQt5.sip.voidptr | None)
paintEvent(self, a0: QPaintEvent | None)
receivers(self, signal: PYQT_SIGNAL) int
registerDataDefinedButton(self, button: QgsPropertyOverrideButton | None, key: QgsSymbolLayer.Property)

Registers a data defined override button. Handles setting up connections for the button and initializing the button to show the correct descriptions and help text for the associated property.

resizeEvent(self, a0: QResizeEvent | None)
sender(self) QObject | None
senderSignalIndex(self) int
setAngle(self, angle: float)

angle (float)

setCharacter(self, chr: str)

Set the font marker character from char.


chr (str) – the char

setCharacterFromText(self, text: str | None)

Set the font marker character from a text string.


text (Optional[str]) – the text string

Added in version 3.8.

setColor(self, color: QColor | Qt.GlobalColor)

color (Union[QColor)

setColorStroke(self, color: QColor | Qt.GlobalColor)

Set stroke color.


color (Union[QColor)

setFontFamily(self, font: QFont)

font (QFont)

setSize(self, size: float)

size (float)

setSymbolLayer(self, layer: QgsSymbolLayer | None)

layer (Optional[QgsSymbolLayer])

sharedPainter(self) QPainter | None
showEvent(self, a0: QShowEvent | None)
symbolLayer(self) QgsSymbolLayer | None
Return type:


tabletEvent(self, a0: QTabletEvent | None)
timerEvent(self, a0: QTimerEvent | None)
wheelEvent(self, a0: QWheelEvent | None)