Class: QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier

class qgis.core.QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier

Bases: QgsAbstractGeometrySimplifier

Implementation of GeometrySimplifier using the Douglas-Peucker algorithm

Simplifies a geometry, ensuring that the result is a valid geometry having the same dimension and number of components as the input. The simplification uses a maximum distance difference algorithm similar to the one used in the Douglas-Peucker algorithm.

QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier(tolerance: float) Constructor for QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier. The tolerance parameter is specified in layer units.

QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier(a0: QgsTopologyPreservingSimplifier)



param geometry:

simplify(self, geometry: QgsGeometry) QgsGeometry
simplify(self, geometry: QgsAbstractGeometry | None) QgsAbstractGeometry | None

geometry (QgsGeometry)

Return type: