Class: QgsMeshEditRefineFaces

class qgis.core.QgsMeshEditRefineFaces

Bases: QgsMeshAdvancedEditing

Class that can do a refinement of faces of a mesh. This refinement is operated only on faces with 3 or 4 vertices (triangles or quads) by adding a vertex on the middle of each refined face. For quad faces, a vertex is added on the centroid of the original face. New vertices Z value are interpolated between original vertices. Original triangle faces are replaced by four triangles, and original quad faces are replaced by four quads. Neighboring faces are triangulated to take account of the new vertex in the shared edge.

Added in version 3.22.

QgsMeshEditRefineFaces() Constructor

QgsMeshEditRefineFaces(a0: QgsMeshEditRefineFaces)





text(self) str
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