Class: QgsSingleGeometryCheck

class qgis.analysis.QgsSingleGeometryCheck

Bases: QgsGeometryCheck

Base class for geometry checks for a single geometry without any context of the layer or other layers in the project. Classic examples are validity checks like self-intersection.

Subclasses need to implement the processGeometry method.

Added in version 3.4.

QgsSingleGeometryCheck(context: Optional[QgsGeometryCheckContext], configuration: Dict[str, Any]) Creates a new single geometry check.

QgsSingleGeometryCheck(a0: QgsSingleGeometryCheck)



param featurePools:


Check the geometry for errors.

collectErrors(self, featurePools: Any, errors: Iterable[QgsGeometryCheckError], messages: Iterable[str | None], feedback: QgsFeedback | None = None, ids: QgsGeometryCheck.LayerFeatureIds = QgsGeometryCheck.LayerFeatureIds())
  • featurePools (Any)

  • errors (Iterable[QgsGeometryCheckError])

  • messages (Iterable[Optional[str]])

  • feedback (Optional[QgsFeedback] = None)

  • ids (QgsGeometryCheck.LayerFeatureIds = QgsGeometryCheck.LayerFeatureIds())

processGeometry(self, geometry: QgsGeometry) List[QgsSingleGeometryCheckError]

Check the geometry for errors. It may make use of configuration options.

Returns a list of QgsSingleGeometryCheckErrors, ownership is transferred to the caller. An empty list is returned for geometries without errors.

Added in version 3.4.


geometry (QgsGeometry)

Return type: