Class: QgsMeshUtils

class qgis.core.QgsMeshUtils

Bases: sip.simplewrapper


exportRasterBlock Exports mesh layer’s dataset values as raster block



exportRasterBlock(layer: QgsMeshLayer, datasetIndex: QgsMeshDatasetIndex, destinationCrs: QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem, transformContext: QgsCoordinateTransformContext, mapUnitsPerPixel: float, extent: QgsRectangle, feedback: QgsRasterBlockFeedback = None) → QgsRasterBlock

Exports mesh layer’s dataset values as raster block

The function always fetches native mesh and dataset data from data provider and calculates triangular mesh

  • layer – mesh layer
  • datasetIndex – index from layer defining group and dataset (time) to export
  • destinationCrs – destination/map CRS. Used to create triangular mesh from native mesh
  • transformContext – Transform context to transform layer CRS to destination CRS
  • mapUnitsPerPixel – map units per pixel for block
  • extent – extent of block in destination CRS
  • feedback – optional raster feedback object for cancelation/preview

raster block with Float.64 values. None on error

New in version 3.6.