Class: QgsServerApi

class qgis.server.QgsServerApi(serverIface: QgsServerInterface)

Bases: sip.wrapper

Creates a QgsServerApi object


Server generic API endpoint abstract base class.

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An API must have a name and a (possibly empty) version and define a (possibly empty) root path (e.g. “/wfs3”).

The server routing logic will check incoming request URLs by passing them to the API’s accept(url) method, the default implementation performs a simple check for the presence of the API’s root path string in the URL. This simple logic implies that APIs must be registered in reverse order from the most specific to the most generic: given two APIs with root paths ‘/wfs’ and ‘/wfs3’, ‘/wfs3’ must be registered first or it will be shadowed by ‘/wfs’. APIs developers are encouraged to implement a more robust accept(url) logic by making sure that their APIs accept only URLs they can actually handle, if they do, the APIs registration order becomes irrelevant.

After the API has been registered to the server API registry:

class API(:py:class:`.QgsServerApi`):

  def name(self):
    return "Test API"

  def rootPath(self):
    return "/testapi"

  def executeRequest(self, request_context):
    request_context.response().write(b"\"Test API\"")

server = QgsServer()
api = API(server.serverInterface())

the incoming calls with an URL path starting with the API root path will be routed to the first matching API and executeRequest() method of the API will be invoked.

New in version 3.10.



accept(self, url: QUrl) → bool

Returns True if the given url is handled by the API, default implementation checks for the presence of rootPath inside the url path.


url (QUrl) –

Return type


allowMethod(self, QgsServerRequest.Method) → bool

Returns True if the given method is supported by the API, default implementation supports all methods.

Return type


description(self) → str

Returns the API description

Return type


executeRequest(self, context: QgsServerApiContext)

Executes a request by passing the given context to the API handlers.


context (QgsServerApiContext) –

name(self) → str

Returns the API name

Return type


rootPath(self) → str

Returns the root path for the API

Return type



Returns the server interface

Return type


version(self) → str

Returns the version of the service


the default implementation returns an empty string

Return type