Class: QgsFileDownloaderDialog

class qgis.gui.QgsFileDownloaderDialog(url: QUrl, outputFileName: str, authcfg: str = '')

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QProgressDialog


  • url (QUrl) – the download url

  • outputFileName (str) – file name where the downloaded content will be stored

  • authcfg (str = '') – optionally apply this authentication configuration

QgsFileDownloaderDialog is a QProgressDialog subclass which handles file downloads and user feedback.

Internally, it uses QgsFileDownloader to handle the download, while showing progress via a progress dialog and supporting cancellation.


Until QGIS 3.0 this functionality was available via QgsFileDownloader.

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Emitted when the download was canceled by the user [signal]


Emitted when the download has completed successfully [signal]


Emitted when an error makes the download fail [signal]


errorMessages (Iterable[str]) –


Emitted always when the downloader exits [signal]


Emitted when data are ready to be processed [signal]

  • bytesReceived (int) –

  • bytesTotal (int) –

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