Class: QgsCodeEditorPython

class qgis.gui.QgsCodeEditorPython(parent: QWidget = None, filenames: Iterable[str] = [])

Bases: QgsCodeEditor

Construct a new Python editor.

  • parent (QWidget = None) – The parent QWidget

  • filenames (Iterable[str] = []) – The list of apis files to load for the Python lexer

New in version 2.6.

A Python editor based on QScintilla2. Adds syntax highlighting and code autocompletion.


may not be available in Python bindings, depending on platform support

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loadAPIs(self, filenames: Iterable[str])

Load APIs from one or more files


filenames (Iterable[str]) – The list of apis files to load for the Python lexer

loadScript(self, script: str) → bool

Load a script file


script (str) – The script file to load

Return type


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