Class: QgsLayoutConfigObject

class qgis.gui.QgsLayoutConfigObject(parent: QWidget, layoutObject: QgsLayoutObject)

Bases: PyQt5.QtCore.QObject

Constructor for QgsLayoutConfigObject, linked with the specified layoutObject.

An object for property widgets for layout items. All layout config type widgets should contain this object.

If you are creating a new QgsLayoutItem configuration widget, you should instead inherit from QgsLayoutItemBaseWidget (rather then directly working with QgsLayoutConfigObject).

New in version 3.0.

  • parent (QWidget) –

  • layoutObject

childEvent(self, QChildEvent)
connectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)

Returns the current layout context coverage layer (if set).

Return type


customEvent(self, QEvent)
disconnectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)
initializeDataDefinedButton(self, button: QgsPropertyOverrideButton, key: QgsLayoutObject.DataDefinedProperty)

Registers a data defined button, setting up its initial value, connections and description. The corresponding property key must be specified.

isSignalConnected(self, QMetaMethod) → bool

Returns the atlas for the layout, if available

Return type


receivers(self, PYQT_SIGNAL) → int
sender(self) → QObject
senderSignalIndex(self) → int
timerEvent(self, QTimerEvent)
updateDataDefinedButton(self, button: QgsPropertyOverrideButton)

Updates a data defined button to reflect the item’s current properties.


button (QgsPropertyOverrideButton) –