Subgroup: other

Class: QgsHueSaturationFilter

class qgis.core.QgsHueSaturationFilter

Bases: qgis._core.QgsRasterInterface

Color and saturation filter pipe for rasters.

GrayscaleAverage = 3
GrayscaleLightness = 1
GrayscaleLuminosity = 2
class GrayscaleMode

Bases: int

GrayscaleOff = 0
bandCount(self) → int
block(self, bandNo: int, extent: QgsRectangle, width: int, height: int, feedback: QgsRasterBlockFeedback = None) → QgsRasterBlock
clone(self) → QgsHueSaturationFilter
colorizeColor(self) → QColor
colorizeOn(self) → bool
colorizeStrength(self) → int
dataType(self, bandNo: int) → Qgis.DataType
grayscaleMode(self) → QgsHueSaturationFilter.GrayscaleMode
readXml(self, filterElem: QDomElement)

Sets base class members from xml. Usually called from create() methods of subclasses

saturation(self) → int
setColorizeColor(self, colorizeColor: Union[QColor, Qt.GlobalColor, QGradient])
setColorizeOn(self, colorizeOn: bool)
setColorizeStrength(self, colorizeStrength: int)
setGrayscaleMode(self, grayscaleMode: QgsHueSaturationFilter.GrayscaleMode)
setInput(self, input: QgsRasterInterface) → bool
setSaturation(self, saturation: int)
writeXml(self, doc: QDomDocument, parentElem: QDomElement)