Subgroup: Pki

Class: QgsPkiConfigBundle

class qgis.core.QgsPkiConfigBundle(config: QgsAuthMethodConfig, cert: QSslCertificate, certkey: QSslKey, cachain: Iterable[QSslCertificate] = [])

Bases: sip.wrapper

Construct a bundle from existing PKI components and authentication method configuration

  • config – Authentication method configuration
  • cert – Certificate to store in bundle
  • certkey – Private key to store in bundle
  • cachain – list of CA certificates


Storage set for constructed SSL certificate, key, associated with an authentication config


caChain caChain return the CA chain
clientCert Client certificate object
clientCertKey Private key object
config Authentication method configuration
isValid Whether the bundle is valid
setCaChain setCaChain set the CA chain
setClientCert Set client certificate object
setClientCertKey Set private key object
setConfig Set authentication method configuration



caChain(self) → List[QSslCertificate]

caChain return the CA chain

Returns:list of CA certificates
clientCert(self) → QSslCertificate

Client certificate object

clientCertKey(self) → QSslKey

Private key object

config(self) → QgsAuthMethodConfig

Authentication method configuration

isValid(self) → bool

Whether the bundle is valid

setCaChain(self, caChain: Iterable[QSslCertificate])

setCaChain set the CA chain

setClientCert(self, cert: QSslCertificate)

Set client certificate object

setClientCertKey(self, certkey: QSslKey)

Set private key object

setConfig(self, config: QgsAuthMethodConfig)

Set authentication method configuration