Subgroup: Processing

Class: QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers

class qgis.core.QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers(name: str, description: str = '')

Bases: qgis._core.QgsProcessingOutputDefinition

Constructor for QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers.


A multi-layer output for processing algorithms which create map layers, when the number and nature of the output layers is not predefined.


Always prefer to explicitly define QgsProcessingOutputVectorLayer, QgsProcessingOutputRasterLayer or QgsProcessingOutputMapLayer where possible. QgsProcessingOutputMultipleLayers should only ever be used when the number of output layers is not fixed - e.g. as a result of processing all layers in a specified folder.

New in version 3.0: Methods

typeName Returns the type name for the output class.



type(self) → str
typeName() → str

Returns the type name for the output class.