Visual Style Guide

Version 1.0

This is our QGIS Visual Style Guide. This document defines standards for the use of the our visual identity. It proposes a modernization of the QGIS brand to make it stronger, more visible and more adaptable to a broad range of use cases.

The Visual Style Guide is a living document, initiated with the goal of developing a consistent message and image for QGIS. It is a “living” document because we expect it to expand as we cover more use cases where visual consistency is important and can be described using simpler rules. The standards and simple policies described here are designed to maintain the uniformity of presentation necessary for successful promotion and marketing efforts for the QGIS project.

Our visual identity symbolizes QGIS’s strength, promise of quality and competence. Proper treatment of logo, fonts and color ensures that QGIS will be recognized and stand out amid communications clutter. Graphic standards are a visual expression of QGIS and should serve as the base for our overall communications strategy.

This first version of the Graphic Style Guide outlines the core elements of the new QGIS logo. Future versions will focus on branding assets and how to spread the QGIS brand across the web, mobile devices and printed materials.



../../_images/main_logo.png ../../_images/main_logo_monochrome.png

Download logo file

SVG logo

PNG logo

SVG monochrome logo

PNG monochrome logo

The new QGIS logo is presented here. Keeping the core elements of the original QGIS logo (Q letter with an arrow through it), this new version intends to be sharp and scalable, introducing simpler and bolder shapes.

The proposed changes are listed below.

  • The existing spirit is preserved but the logo is bold

  • Shadows removed

  • The Q is sans-serif

  • The arrow becomes the part of Q letter

  • The QGIS logo text is based on the free & libre Trueno Bold font.



Download minimal logo

SVG 128px SVG 64px SVG 32px

PNG 128px PNG 64px PNG 32px


Download minimal black

SVG black 128px SVG black 64px SVG black 32px

PNG black 128px PNG black 64px PNG black 32px


Download minimal green

SVG green 128px SVG green 64px SVG green 32px

PNG green 128px PNG green 64px PNG green 32px


Download minimal white

SVG white 128px SVG white 64px SVG white 32px

PNG white 128px PNG white 64px PNG white 32px


Trueno fonts

Trueno is a free Font Library serif font. In order to embed it, please use <link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="" type="text/css"/> in the site header



Trueno Ultra light


Trueno Regular


Trueno Bold



Primary colors



HEX: #589632

RGB: 88, 150, 50

CMYK: 70.53, 18.84, 100, 3.7

The QGIS Dark Green color to be used for every logo element in the monochrome version. It can also be used as background, primary headline or text color.

Light Green


HEX: #93b023

RGB: 147, 176, 35

CMYK: 50.62, 12.6, 100, 0.86

The QGIS Light Green color to be used for content of lesser importance. It can be used as secondary background, text or links color.

The gradient


The two primary colors are used as a vertical linear gradient in the logo, and this gradient can be used for website and printed materials background

Color Palette

../../_images/dark_green_palette.png ../../_images/light_green_palette.png

Secondary colors



HEX: #f0e64a

RGB: 240, 230, 74

CMYK: 11, 0, 79, 0



HEX: #ee7913

RGB: 238, 121, 19

CMYK: 0, 62, 96, 0

The QGIS Lemon and Orange colors to be used for the accents and call-to-actions

Color Palette

../../_images/lemon_palette.png ../../_images/orange_palette.png