Class: QgsWindowManagerInterface

class qgis.gui.QgsWindowManagerInterface

Bases: sip.wrapper

Interface for window manager.

An implementation of the window manager interface is usually retrieved from the QgsGui instance, via QgsGui.windowManager()


This is not considered stable API and may change in future QGIS versions.

New in version 3.4: Enums



Opens an instance of a standard QGIS dialog.




DialogStyleManager = 0
class StandardDialog

Bases: int

openStandardDialog(self, dialog: QgsWindowManagerInterface.StandardDialog) → QWidget

Opens an instance of a standard QGIS dialog. Depending on the window manager implementation, this may either open a new instance of the dialog or bring an existing instance to the foreground.

Returns the dialog if shown, or None if the dialog either could not be created or is not supported by the window manager implementation.