Class: QgsGeometryCheckerUtils

class qgis.analysis.QgsGeometryCheckerUtils

Bases: sip.wrapper

Contains utilities required for geometry checks.


This class is a technology preview and unstable API.

New in version 3.4: Enums




class LayerFeature(pool: QgsFeaturePool, feature: QgsFeature, context: QgsGeometryCheckContext, useMapCrs: bool)

Bases: sip.wrapper

Create a new layer/feature combination. The layer is defined by pool, feature needs to be from this layer. If useMapCrs is True, geometries will be reprojected to the mapCrs defined in context.


A layer feature combination to uniquely identify and access a feature in a set of layers.

New in version 3.4.

feature(self) → QgsFeature

Returns the feature. The geometry will not be reprojected regardless of useMapCrs.

geometry(self) → QgsGeometry

Returns the geometry of this feature. If useMapCrs was specified, it will already be reprojected into the CRS specified in the context specified in the constructor.

id(self) → str

Returns a combination of the layerId and the feature id.

layerId(self) → str

The layer id.

useMapCrs(self) → bool

Returns if the geometry is reprojected to the map CRS or not.

class LayerFeatures

Bases: sip.wrapper

Contains a set of layers and feature ids in those layers to pass to a geometry check.

New in version 3.4.