Class: QgsServerFilter

class qgis.server.QgsServerFilter(serverInterface: QgsServerInterface)

Bases: sip.wrapper

Constructor QgsServerInterface passed to plugins constructors and must be passed to QgsServerFilter instances.


Class defining I/O filters for QGIS Server and implemented in plugins.

Filters can define any (or none) of the following hooks: * requestReady() - called when request is ready * responseComplete() - called when the response is complete after core services have returned to main loop * sendResponse() - called just before sending output to FGCI




Method called when the QgsRequestHandler is ready and populated with parameters, just before entering the main switch for core services.*


Method called when the QgsRequestHandler processing has done and the response is ready, just after the main switch for core services and before final sending response to FCGI stdout.


Method called when the QgsRequestHandler sends its data to FCGI stdout. This normally occurs at the end of core services processing just after the responseComplete() plugin hook. For streaming services (like WFS on getFeature requests, sendResponse() might have been called several times before the response is complete: in this particular case, sendResponse() is called once for each feature before hitting responseComplete()

serverInterface(self) → QgsServerInterface

Returns the QgsServerInterface instance

Return type