Class: QgsLayoutItemAbstractMetadata

class qgis.core.QgsLayoutItemAbstractMetadata(type: int, visibleName: str)

Bases: sip.wrapper

Constructor for QgsLayoutItemAbstractMetadata with the specified class type and visibleName.


Stores metadata about one layout item class.

A companion class, QgsLayoutItemAbstractGuiMetadata, handles the GUI behavior of QgsLayoutItems.


In C++ you can use QgsLayoutItemMetadata convenience class.

New in version 3.0.

  • type (int) –

  • visibleName

createItem(self, layout: QgsLayout) → QgsLayoutItem

Creates a layout item of this class for a specified layout.


layout (QgsLayout) –

Return type


resolvePaths(self, properties: Dict[str, Any], pathResolver: QgsPathResolver, saving: bool)

Resolve paths in the item’s properties (if there are any paths). When saving is true, paths are converted from absolute to relative, when saving is false, paths are converted from relative to absolute. This ensures that paths in project files can be relative, but in item instances the paths are always absolute.

  • properties (Dict[str) –

  • pathResolver (QgsPathResolver) –

  • saving (bool) –

type(self) → int

Returns the unique item type code for the layout item class.

Return type


visibleName(self) → str

Returns a translated, user visible name for the layout item class.

Return type