Subgroup: Project

Class: QgsProjectMetadata

class qgis.core.QgsProjectMetadata

Bases: qgis._core.QgsAbstractMetadataBase

Constructor for QgsProjectMetadata.


A structured metadata store for a map layer.

QgsProjectMetadata handles storage and management of the metadata for a QgsProject. This class is an internal QGIS format with a common metadata structure, which allows for code to access the metadata properties for projects in a uniform way.

The metadata store is designed to be compatible with the Dublin Core metadata specifications, and will be expanded to allow compatibility with ISO specifications in future releases. However, the QGIS internal schema does not represent a superset of all existing metadata schemas and accordingly conversion from specific metadata formats to QgsProjectMetadata may result in a loss of information.

This class is designed to follow the specifications detailed in the schema definition available at resources/qgis-project-metadata.xsd within the QGIS source code.

Metadata can be validated through the use of QgsLayerMetadataValidator subclasses. E.g. validating against the native QGIS metadata schema can be performed using QgsNativeProjectMetadataValidator.

New in version 3.2: Methods

author Returns the project author string.
creationDateTime Returns the project’s creation date/timestamp.
setAuthor Sets the project author string
setCreationDateTime Sets the project’s creation date/timestamp.



author(self) → str

Returns the project author string.

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clone(self) → QgsProjectMetadata
creationDateTime(self) → QDateTime

Returns the project’s creation date/timestamp.

readMetadataXml(self, metadataElement: QDomElement) → bool
setAuthor(self, author: str)

Sets the project author string

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setCreationDateTime(self, creationDateTime: Union[QDateTime, datetime.datetime])

Sets the project’s creation date/timestamp.

writeMetadataXml(self, metadataElement: QDomElement, document: QDomDocument) → bool