Class: QgsLocatorWidget

class qgis.gui.QgsLocatorWidget(parent: QWidget = None)

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QWidget

Constructor for QgsLocatorWidget.

A special locator widget which allows searching for matching results from a QgsLocator and presenting them to users for selection.

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actionEvent(self, QActionEvent)
changeEvent(self, QEvent)
childEvent(self, QChildEvent)
closeEvent(self, QCloseEvent)

Emitted when the configure option is triggered in the widget. [signal]

connectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)
contextMenuEvent(self, QContextMenuEvent)
create(self, window: sip.voidptr = 0, initializeWindow: bool = True, destroyOldWindow: bool = True)
customEvent(self, QEvent)
destroy(self, destroyWindow: bool = True, destroySubWindows: bool = True)
disconnectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)
dragEnterEvent(self, QDragEnterEvent)
dragLeaveEvent(self, QDragLeaveEvent)
dragMoveEvent(self, QDragMoveEvent)
dropEvent(self, QDropEvent)
enterEvent(self, QEvent)
event(self, QEvent) bool
eventFilter(self, obj: QObject, event: QEvent) bool
  • obj (QObject) –

  • event (QEvent) –

Return type


focusInEvent(self, QFocusEvent)
focusNextChild(self) bool
focusNextPrevChild(self, bool) bool
focusOutEvent(self, QFocusEvent)
focusPreviousChild(self) bool
hideEvent(self, QHideEvent)
initPainter(self, QPainter)
inputMethodEvent(self, QInputMethodEvent)

Invalidates the current search results, e.g. as a result of changes to the locator filter settings.

isSignalConnected(self, QMetaMethod) bool
keyPressEvent(self, QKeyEvent)
keyReleaseEvent(self, QKeyEvent)
leaveEvent(self, QEvent)
locator(self) QgsLocator

Returns a pointer to the locator utilized by this widget.

Return type


metric(self, QPaintDevice.PaintDeviceMetric) int
mouseDoubleClickEvent(self, QMouseEvent)
mouseMoveEvent(self, QMouseEvent)
mousePressEvent(self, QMouseEvent)
mouseReleaseEvent(self, QMouseEvent)
moveEvent(self, QMoveEvent)
nativeEvent(self, Union[QByteArray, bytes, bytearray], sip.voidptr) Tuple[bool, int]
paintEvent(self, QPaintEvent)
receivers(self, PYQT_SIGNAL) int
resizeEvent(self, QResizeEvent)
search(self, string: str)

Triggers the locator widget to focus, open and start searching for a specified string.


string (str) –

sender(self) QObject
senderSignalIndex(self) int
setMapCanvas(self, canvas: QgsMapCanvas)

Sets a map canvas to associate with the widget. This allows the widget to customize the searches performed by its locator(), such as prioritizing results which are near the current canvas extent.


canvas (QgsMapCanvas) –

sharedPainter(self) QPainter
showEvent(self, QShowEvent)
tabletEvent(self, QTabletEvent)
timerEvent(self, QTimerEvent)
wheelEvent(self, QWheelEvent)