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QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link Struct Reference

Metadata link structure. More...

#include <qgsabstractmetadatabase.h>

Public Member Functions

 Link (const QString &name=QString(), const QString &type=QString(), const QString &url=QString())
 Constructor for Link. More...
bool operator== (const QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link &other) const

Public Attributes

QString description
 Abstract text about link. More...
QString format
 Format specification of online resource. More...
QString mimeType
 MIME type representative of the online resource response (image/png, application/json, etc.) More...
QString name
 Short link name. More...
QString size
 Estimated size (in bytes) of the online resource response. More...
QString type
 Link type. More...
QString url
 Link url. More...

Detailed Description

Metadata link structure.

QGIS 3.2

Definition at line 204 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::Link ( const QString &  name = QString(),
const QString &  type = QString(),
const QString &  url = QString() 

Constructor for Link.

Definition at line 210 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::operator== ( const QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link other) const

Definition at line 462 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::description

Abstract text about link.

Definition at line 230 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::format

Format specification of online resource.

It is strongly suggested to use GDAL/OGR format values.

Definition at line 240 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::mimeType

MIME type representative of the online resource response (image/png, application/json, etc.)

Definition at line 245 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::name

Short link name.

E.g. WMS layer name.

Definition at line 219 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::size

Estimated size (in bytes) of the online resource response.

Definition at line 250 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::type

Link type.

It is strongly suggested to use values from the 'identifier' column in https://github.com/OSGeo/Cat-Interop/blob/master/LinkPropertyLookupTable.csv

Definition at line 225 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

QString QgsAbstractMetadataBase::Link::url

Link url.

If the URL is an OWS server, specify the base URL only without parameters like service=xxx....

Definition at line 235 of file qgsabstractmetadatabase.h.

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