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QgsMesh Struct Reference

Mesh - vertices and faces. More...

#include <qgsmeshdataprovider.h>

Public Member Functions

QgsMeshFace face (int index) const
 Returns a face at the index. More...
int faceCount () const
 Returns number of faces. More...
QgsMeshVertex vertex (int index) const
 Returns a vertex at the index. More...
int vertexCount () const
 Returns number of vertices. More...

Public Attributes

QVector< QgsMeshFacefaces
 faces More...
QVector< QgsMeshVertexvertices
 vertices More...

Detailed Description

Mesh - vertices and faces.

QGIS 3.6

Definition at line 75 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ face()

QgsMeshFace QgsMesh::face ( int  index) const

Returns a face at the index.

Definition at line 323 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.cpp.

◆ faceCount()

int QgsMesh::faceCount ( ) const

Returns number of faces.

Definition at line 335 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.cpp.

◆ vertex()

QgsMeshVertex QgsMesh::vertex ( int  index) const

Returns a vertex at the index.

Definition at line 316 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.cpp.

◆ vertexCount()

int QgsMesh::vertexCount ( ) const

Returns number of vertices.

Definition at line 330 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ faces

QVector<QgsMeshFace> QgsMesh::faces


Definition at line 90 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.h.

◆ vertices

QVector<QgsMeshVertex> QgsMesh::vertices


Definition at line 88 of file qgsmeshdataprovider.h.

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