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QgsSpatialIndexData Class Reference

Data of spatial index that may be implicitly shared. More...

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Public Member Functions

 QgsSpatialIndexData ()
 QgsSpatialIndexData (const QgsFeatureIterator &fi)
 QgsSpatialIndexData (const QgsSpatialIndexData &other)
 ~QgsSpatialIndexData ()
void initTree (IDataStream *inputStream=nullptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QSharedData
 QSharedData ()
 QSharedData (const QSharedData &other)

Public Attributes

SpatialIndex::ISpatialIndex * mRTree
 R-tree containing spatial index. More...
SpatialIndex::IStorageManager * mStorage
 Storage manager. More...

Detailed Description

Data of spatial index that may be implicitly shared.

not available in Python bindings

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsSpatialIndexData::QgsSpatialIndexData ( )

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QgsSpatialIndexData::QgsSpatialIndexData ( const QgsFeatureIterator fi)

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QgsSpatialIndexData::QgsSpatialIndexData ( const QgsSpatialIndexData other)

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QgsSpatialIndexData::~QgsSpatialIndexData ( )

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Member Function Documentation

void QgsSpatialIndexData::initTree ( IDataStream *  inputStream = nullptr)

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Member Data Documentation

SpatialIndex::ISpatialIndex* QgsSpatialIndexData::mRTree

R-tree containing spatial index.

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SpatialIndex::IStorageManager* QgsSpatialIndexData::mStorage

Storage manager.

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