Here we collect answers to question which come up very often.

We will start of with this one page, maybe restructure it into sections, or even more pages if needed


How to ask a QGIS question?

If you are going to ask QGIS related question via the mailinglists, please provide the following information with it:

  • preferably a descriptive title for your email
  • which Operating System and version
  • which QGIS version you used at that moment (exact)
  • how you installed it (osgeo4w? standalone-installer? own build?)
  • at what time did it break (reinstall, new install, system update, project??)
  • what exactly is the error (if possible: screendump, stacktrace, copy of errortext)

Without this info, it is very hard to answer for anybody. Or, taking just too much time because the answer will be a question to you etc etc.

Why is QGIS 2.0 named ‘Dufour’?

After a succesfull developer meeting in Zurich (Switzerland), we decided that the next release should be related to it. General Guillaume-Henri Dufour was a famous and influential swiss cartographer. Furthermore Dufourspitze is the highest peak in Switzerland.

Can I open ECW files with QGIS?

Yes you can... BUT depending on your Operating System, it is more or less difficult.

If you use the OSGeo4w 64 bit installer, it is included.

For other instructions, eg look here: http://www.faunalia.com/content/adding-ecw-support-quantum-gis


Can I compile QGIS myself on Windows?

Yes, please read: INSTALL

Can I compile QGIS myself on MacOS?

Yes, please read: INSTALL

Can I compile QGIS myself on Linux?

Yes, please read: INSTALL