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QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog Class Reference

#include <qgssmartgroupeditordialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog:
Inheritance graph

Public Slots

void addCondition ()
 function to create a new ConditionBox and update UI More...
void removeCondition (int)
 slot to remove the condition with id int More...
void on_buttonBox_accepted ()

Public Member Functions

 QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog (QgsStyleV2 *style, QWidget *parent=NULL)
 ~QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog ()
QString smartgroupName ()
 returns the value from mNameLineEdit More...
QgsSmartConditionMap conditionMap ()
 returns the condition map More...
QString conditionOperator ()
 returns the AND/OR condition More...
void setConditionMap (QgsSmartConditionMap)
 sets up the GUI for the given conditionmap More...
void setOperator (QString)
 sets the operator AND/OR More...
void setSmartgroupName (QString)
 sets the smart group Name More...

Protected Attributes

QGridLayout * mLayout
int mCondCount
QMap< int,
QgsSmartGroupCondition * > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog ( QgsStyleV2 style,
QWidget *  parent = NULL 
QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::~QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog ( )

Member Function Documentation

void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::addCondition ( )

function to create a new ConditionBox and update UI

QgsSmartConditionMap QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::conditionMap ( )

returns the condition map

not available in python bindings
QString QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::conditionOperator ( )

returns the AND/OR condition

void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::on_buttonBox_accepted ( )
void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::removeCondition ( int  id)

slot to remove the condition with id int

void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::setConditionMap ( QgsSmartConditionMap  map)

sets up the GUI for the given conditionmap

not available in python bindings
void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::setOperator ( QString  op)

sets the operator AND/OR

void QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::setSmartgroupName ( QString  name)

sets the smart group Name

QString QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::smartgroupName ( )

returns the value from mNameLineEdit

Member Data Documentation

int QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::mCondCount
QMap<int, QgsSmartGroupCondition*> QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::mConditionMap
QGridLayout* QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::mLayout
QgsStyleV2* QgsSmartGroupEditorDialog::mStyle

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