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QgsRasterLayerRenderer Class Reference

Implementation of threaded rendering for raster layers. More...

#include <qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h>

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class  Feedback
 Specific internal feedback class to provide preview of raster layer rendering. More...

Public Member Functions

 QgsRasterLayerRenderer (QgsRasterLayer *layer, QgsRenderContext &rendererContext)
 ~QgsRasterLayerRenderer ()
virtual QgsFeedbackfeedback () const override
 Access to feedback object of the layer renderer (may be null) More...
virtual bool render () override
 Do the rendering (based on data stored in the class) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsMapLayerRenderer
 QgsMapLayerRenderer (const QString &layerID)
virtual ~QgsMapLayerRenderer ()=default
QStringList errors () const
 Return list of errors (problems) that happened during the rendering. More...
QString layerId () const
 Get access to the ID of the layer rendered by this class. More...

Protected Attributes

 feedback class for cancellation and preview generation More...
const QgsMapToPixelmMapToPixel
QPainter * mPainter
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsMapLayerRenderer
QStringList mErrors
QString mLayerID

Detailed Description

Implementation of threaded rendering for raster layers.

added in 2.4
not available in Python bindings

Definition at line 41 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QgsRasterLayerRenderer()

QgsRasterLayerRenderer::QgsRasterLayerRenderer ( QgsRasterLayer layer,
QgsRenderContext rendererContext 

Definition at line 27 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.cpp.

◆ ~QgsRasterLayerRenderer()

QgsRasterLayerRenderer::~QgsRasterLayerRenderer ( )

Definition at line 185 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ feedback()

QgsFeedback * QgsRasterLayerRenderer::feedback ( ) const

Access to feedback object of the layer renderer (may be null)

added in QGIS 3.0

Reimplemented from QgsMapLayerRenderer.

Definition at line 228 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.cpp.

◆ render()

bool QgsRasterLayerRenderer::render ( )

Do the rendering (based on data stored in the class)

Implements QgsMapLayerRenderer.

Definition at line 193 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mContext

QgsRenderContext& QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mContext

Definition at line 58 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

◆ mFeedback

Feedback* QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mFeedback

feedback class for cancellation and preview generation

Definition at line 80 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

◆ mMapToPixel

const QgsMapToPixel* QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mMapToPixel

Definition at line 54 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

◆ mPainter

QPainter* QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mPainter

Definition at line 53 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

◆ mPipe

QgsRasterPipe* QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mPipe

Definition at line 57 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

◆ mRasterViewPort

QgsRasterViewPort* QgsRasterLayerRenderer::mRasterViewPort

Definition at line 55 of file qgsrasterlayerrenderer.h.

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