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QgsPointDisplacementRenderer Class Reference

A renderer that automatically displaces points with the same position. More...

#include <qgspointdisplacementrenderer.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsPointDisplacementRenderer:
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Public Member Functions

 QgsPointDisplacementRenderer (const QString &labelAttributeName="")
 ~QgsPointDisplacementRenderer ()
QgsFeatureRendererV2clone () const
virtual void toSld (QDomDocument &doc, QDomElement &element) const
 used from subclasses to create SLD Rule elements following SLD v1.1 specs More...
bool renderFeature (QgsFeature &feature, QgsRenderContext &context, int layer=-1, bool selected=false, bool drawVertexMarker=false)
 Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2. More...
QgsSymbolV2symbolForFeature (QgsFeature &feature)
 to be overridden More...
void startRender (QgsRenderContext &context, const QgsFields &fields)
void stopRender (QgsRenderContext &context)
QList< QString > usedAttributes ()
QgsSymbolV2List symbols ()
 for symbol levels More...
QDomElement save (QDomDocument &doc)
 store renderer info to XML element More...
QgsLegendSymbologyList legendSymbologyItems (QSize iconSize)
 return a list of symbology items for the legend More...
QgsLegendSymbolList legendSymbolItems (double scaleDenominator=-1, QString rule="")
void setLabelAttributeName (const QString &name)
QString labelAttributeName () const
void setEmbeddedRenderer (QgsFeatureRendererV2 *r)
 Sets embedded renderer (takes ownership) More...
QgsFeatureRendererV2embeddedRenderer () const
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void setDisplacementGroups (const QList< QMap< QgsFeatureId, QgsFeature > > &list)
 not available in python bindings More...
void setLabelFont (const QFont &f)
QFont labelFont () const
void setCircleWidth (double w)
double circleWidth () const
void setCircleColor (const QColor &c)
QColor circleColor () const
void setLabelColor (const QColor &c)
QColor labelColor () const
void setCircleRadiusAddition (double d)
double circleRadiusAddition () const
void setMaxLabelScaleDenominator (double d)
double maxLabelScaleDenominator () const
QgsMarkerSymbolV2centerSymbol ()
 Returns the symbol for the center of a displacement group (but not ownership of the symbol) More...
void setCenterSymbol (QgsMarkerSymbolV2 *symbol)
 Sets the center symbol (takes ownership) More...
void setTolerance (double t)
double tolerance () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
QString type () const
virtual QgsSymbolV2originalSymbolForFeature (QgsFeature &feature)
 Return symbol for feature. More...
virtual Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void startRender (QgsRenderContext &context, const QgsVectorLayer *vlayer)
virtual ~QgsFeatureRendererV2 ()
virtual QString dump () const
 for debugging More...
virtual int capabilities ()
 returns bitwise OR-ed capabilities of the renderer More...
bool usingSymbolLevels () const
void setUsingSymbolLevels (bool usingSymbolLevels)
virtual QDomElement writeSld (QDomDocument &doc, const QgsVectorLayer &layer) const
 create the SLD UserStyle element following the SLD v1.1 specs More...
virtual bool legendSymbolItemsCheckable () const
 items of symbology items in legend should be checkable More...
virtual bool legendSymbolItemChecked (QString key)
 items of symbology items in legend is checked More...
virtual void checkLegendSymbolItem (QString key, bool state=true)
 item in symbology was checked More...
virtual QgsLegendSymbolListV2 legendSymbolItemsV2 () const
 Return a list of symbology items for the legend. More...
virtual QString legendClassificationAttribute () const
 If supported by the renderer, return classification attribute for the use in legend. More...
void setVertexMarkerAppearance (int type, int size)
 set type and size of editing vertex markers for subsequent rendering More...
virtual QString rotationField () const
 return rotation field name (or empty string if not set or not supported by renderer) More...
virtual void setRotationField (QString fieldName)
 sets rotation field of renderer (if supported by the renderer) More...
virtual bool willRenderFeature (QgsFeature &feat)
 return whether the renderer will render a feature or not. More...
virtual QgsSymbolV2List symbolsForFeature (QgsFeature &feat)
 return list of symbols used for rendering the feature. More...
virtual QgsSymbolV2List originalSymbolsForFeature (QgsFeature &feat)
 Equivalent of originalSymbolsForFeature() call extended to support renderers that may use more symbols per feature - similar to symbolsForFeature() More...

Static Public Member Functions

static QgsFeatureRendererV2create (QDomElement &symbologyElem)
 create a renderer from XML element More...
convertFromRenderer (const QgsFeatureRendererV2 *renderer)
 creates a QgsPointDisplacementRenderer from an existing renderer. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
static QgsFeatureRendererV2defaultRenderer (QGis::GeometryType geomType)
 return a new renderer - used by default in vector layers More...
static QgsFeatureRendererV2load (QDomElement &symbologyElem)
 create a renderer from XML element More...
static QgsFeatureRendererV2loadSld (const QDomNode &node, QGis::GeometryType geomType, QString &errorMessage)
 create a new renderer according to the information contained in the UserStyle element of a SLD style document More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
enum  Capabilities {
  SymbolLevels = 1, RotationField = 1 << 1, MoreSymbolsPerFeature = 1 << 2, Filter = 1 << 3,
  ScaleDependent = 1 << 4
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
 QgsFeatureRendererV2 (QString type)
void renderFeatureWithSymbol (QgsFeature &feature, QgsSymbolV2 *symbol, QgsRenderContext &context, int layer, bool selected, bool drawVertexMarker)
void renderVertexMarker (QPointF &pt, QgsRenderContext &context)
 render editing vertex marker at specified point More...
void renderVertexMarkerPolyline (QPolygonF &pts, QgsRenderContext &context)
 render editing vertex marker for a polyline More...
void renderVertexMarkerPolygon (QPolygonF &pts, QList< QPolygonF > *rings, QgsRenderContext &context)
 render editing vertex marker for a polygon More...
void setScaleMethodToSymbol (QgsSymbolV2 *symbol, int scaleMethod)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
static const unsigned char * _getPoint (QPointF &pt, QgsRenderContext &context, const unsigned char *wkb)
static const unsigned char * _getLineString (QPolygonF &pts, QgsRenderContext &context, const unsigned char *wkb)
static const unsigned char * _getPolygon (QPolygonF &pts, QList< QPolygonF > &holes, QgsRenderContext &context, const unsigned char *wkb)
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsFeatureRendererV2
QString mType
bool mUsingSymbolLevels
int mCurrentVertexMarkerType
 The current type of editing marker. More...
int mCurrentVertexMarkerSize
 The current size of editing marker. More...

Detailed Description

A renderer that automatically displaces points with the same position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::QgsPointDisplacementRenderer ( const QString &  labelAttributeName = "")
QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::~QgsPointDisplacementRenderer ( )

Member Function Documentation

QgsMarkerSymbolV2* QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::centerSymbol ( )

Returns the symbol for the center of a displacement group (but not ownership of the symbol)

QColor QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::circleColor ( ) const
double QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::circleRadiusAddition ( ) const
double QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::circleWidth ( ) const
QgsFeatureRendererV2 * QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::clone ( ) const

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QgsPointDisplacementRenderer * QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::convertFromRenderer ( const QgsFeatureRendererV2 renderer)

creates a QgsPointDisplacementRenderer from an existing renderer.

added in 2.5
a new renderer if the conversion was possible, otherwise 0.
QgsFeatureRendererV2 * QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::create ( QDomElement &  symbologyElem)

create a renderer from XML element

QgsFeatureRendererV2* QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::embeddedRenderer ( ) const
QString QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::labelAttributeName ( ) const
QColor QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::labelColor ( ) const
QFont QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::labelFont ( ) const
QgsLegendSymbolList QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::legendSymbolItems ( double  scaleDenominator = -1,
QString  rule = "" 
not available in python bindings

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QgsLegendSymbologyList QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::legendSymbologyItems ( QSize  iconSize)

return a list of symbology items for the legend

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

double QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::maxLabelScaleDenominator ( ) const
bool QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::renderFeature ( QgsFeature feature,
QgsRenderContext context,
int  layer = -1,
bool  selected = false,
bool  drawVertexMarker = false 

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QDomElement QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::save ( QDomDocument &  doc)

store renderer info to XML element

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setCenterSymbol ( QgsMarkerSymbolV2 symbol)

Sets the center symbol (takes ownership)

void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setCircleColor ( const QColor &  c)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setCircleRadiusAddition ( double  d)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setCircleWidth ( double  w)
Q_DECL_DEPRECATED void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setDisplacementGroups ( const QList< QMap< QgsFeatureId, QgsFeature > > &  list)

not available in python bindings

since 2.4
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setEmbeddedRenderer ( QgsFeatureRendererV2 r)

Sets embedded renderer (takes ownership)

void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setLabelAttributeName ( const QString &  name)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setLabelColor ( const QColor &  c)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setLabelFont ( const QFont &  f)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setMaxLabelScaleDenominator ( double  d)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::setTolerance ( double  t)
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::startRender ( QgsRenderContext context,
const QgsFields fields 

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::stopRender ( QgsRenderContext context)

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QgsSymbolV2 * QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::symbolForFeature ( QgsFeature feature)

to be overridden

returns pointer to symbol or 0 if symbol was not found

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QgsSymbolV2List QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::symbols ( )

for symbol levels

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

double QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::tolerance ( ) const
void QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::toSld ( QDomDocument &  doc,
QDomElement &  element 
) const

used from subclasses to create SLD Rule elements following SLD v1.1 specs

added in 1.9

Reimplemented from QgsFeatureRendererV2.

QList< QString > QgsPointDisplacementRenderer::usedAttributes ( )

Implements QgsFeatureRendererV2.

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