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QgsDirectoryItem Class Reference

A directory: contains subdirectories and layers. More...

#include <qgsdataitem.h>

Inheritance diagram for QgsDirectoryItem:
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Public Types

enum  Column {
  Name, Size, Date, Permissions,
  Owner, Group, Type
- Public Types inherited from QgsDataItem
enum  Type {
  Collection, Directory, Layer, Error,
enum  Capability { NoCapabilities = 0, SetCrs = 1 }

Public Member Functions

 QgsDirectoryItem (QgsDataItem *parent, QString name, QString path)
 ~QgsDirectoryItem ()
QVector< QgsDataItem * > createChildren ()
virtual bool equal (const QgsDataItem *other)
virtual QWidget * paramWidget ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataCollectionItem
 QgsDataCollectionItem (QgsDataItem *parent, QString name, QString path=QString::null)
 ~QgsDataCollectionItem ()
void setPopulated ()
void addChild (QgsDataItem *item)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
 QgsDataItem (QgsDataItem::Type type, QgsDataItem *parent, QString name, QString path)
virtual ~QgsDataItem ()
bool hasChildren ()
int rowCount ()
virtual void refresh ()
virtual void populate ()
bool isPopulated ()
virtual void addChildItem (QgsDataItem *child, bool refresh=false)
virtual void deleteChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
virtual QgsDataItemremoveChildItem (QgsDataItem *child)
virtual QList< QAction * > actions ()
virtual bool acceptDrop ()
virtual bool handleDrop (const QMimeData *, Qt::DropAction)
virtual bool setCrs (QgsCoordinateReferenceSystem crs)
virtual Capability capabilities ()
Type type () const
QgsDataItemparent () const
void setParent (QgsDataItem *parent)
QVector< QgsDataItem * > children () const
QIcon icon () const
QString name () const
QString path () const
void setIcon (QIcon icon)
void setToolTip (QString msg)
QString toolTip () const

Static Public Attributes

static QVector< QLibrary * > mLibraries = QVector<QLibrary*>()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from QgsDataItem
void emitBeginInsertItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void emitEndInsertItems ()
void emitBeginRemoveItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void emitEndRemoveItems ()
- Signals inherited from QgsDataItem
void beginInsertItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void endInsertItems ()
void beginRemoveItems (QgsDataItem *parent, int first, int last)
void endRemoveItems ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataCollectionItem
static const QIcon & iconDir ()
static const QIcon & iconDataCollection ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from QgsDataItem
static int findItem (QVector< QgsDataItem * > items, QgsDataItem *item)
- Protected Attributes inherited from QgsDataItem
Type mType
QVector< QgsDataItem * > mChildren
bool mPopulated
QString mName
QString mPath
QString mToolTip
QIcon mIcon

Detailed Description

A directory: contains subdirectories and layers.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsDirectoryItem::QgsDirectoryItem ( QgsDataItem parent,
QString  name,
QString  path 
QgsDirectoryItem::~QgsDirectoryItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

QVector< QgsDataItem * > QgsDirectoryItem::createChildren ( )

Reimplemented from QgsDataItem.

bool QgsDirectoryItem::equal ( const QgsDataItem other)

Reimplemented from QgsDataItem.

QWidget * QgsDirectoryItem::paramWidget ( )

Reimplemented from QgsDataItem.

Member Data Documentation

QVector< QLibrary * > QgsDirectoryItem::mLibraries = QVector<QLibrary*>()
not available via python bindings

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