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QgsDiagramSettings Class Reference

#include <qgsdiagramrendererv2.h>

Public Types

enum  DiagramOrientation { Up, Down, Left, Right }
 Orientation of histogram. More...
enum  LabelPlacementMethod { Height, XHeight }
enum  SizeType { MM, MapUnits }

Public Member Functions

 QgsDiagramSettings ()
void readXML (const QDomElement &elem, const QgsVectorLayer *layer)
void writeXML (QDomElement &rendererElem, QDomDocument &doc, const QgsVectorLayer *layer) const

Public Attributes

int angleOffset
QColor backgroundColor
double barWidth
QList< QString > categoryAttributes
QList< QColor > categoryColors
DiagramOrientation diagramOrientation
bool enabled
QFont font
LabelPlacementMethod labelPlacementMethod
double maxScaleDenominator
double minimumSize
 Scale diagrams smaller than mMinimumSize to mMinimumSize. More...
double minScaleDenominator
QColor penColor
double penWidth
bool scaleByArea
QSizeF size
SizeType sizeType
int transparency

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Orientation of histogram.


Definition at line 105 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.


Definition at line 98 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.


Definition at line 92 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QgsDiagramSettings::QgsDiagramSettings ( )

Definition at line 113 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

Member Function Documentation

void QgsDiagramSettings::readXML ( const QDomElement &  elem,
const QgsVectorLayer layer 

Definition at line 76 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.cpp.

void QgsDiagramSettings::writeXML ( QDomElement &  rendererElem,
QDomDocument &  doc,
const QgsVectorLayer layer 
) const

Definition at line 188 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int QgsDiagramSettings::angleOffset

Definition at line 141 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QColor QgsDiagramSettings::backgroundColor

Definition at line 133 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramSettings::barWidth

Definition at line 138 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QList< QString > QgsDiagramSettings::categoryAttributes

Definition at line 130 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QList< QColor > QgsDiagramSettings::categoryColors

Definition at line 129 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

DiagramOrientation QgsDiagramSettings::diagramOrientation

Definition at line 137 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

bool QgsDiagramSettings::enabled

Definition at line 127 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QFont QgsDiagramSettings::font

Definition at line 128 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

LabelPlacementMethod QgsDiagramSettings::labelPlacementMethod

Definition at line 136 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramSettings::maxScaleDenominator

Definition at line 145 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramSettings::minimumSize

Scale diagrams smaller than mMinimumSize to mMinimumSize.

Definition at line 148 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramSettings::minScaleDenominator

Definition at line 144 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QColor QgsDiagramSettings::penColor

Definition at line 134 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

double QgsDiagramSettings::penWidth

Definition at line 135 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

bool QgsDiagramSettings::scaleByArea

Definition at line 140 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

QSizeF QgsDiagramSettings::size

Definition at line 131 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

SizeType QgsDiagramSettings::sizeType

Definition at line 132 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

int QgsDiagramSettings::transparency

Definition at line 139 of file qgsdiagramrendererv2.h.

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