Поширені питання

Тут зібрано відповіді на питання, які часто ставляться.

На сьогодні всі питання зібрано на одній сторінці. Можливо пізніше, за необхідності, ми розіб’ємо їх на розділи та окремі сторінки.


Downloading issues

If you are trying to download QGIS and nothing seems to happen, please consult the download manager of your browser. It can usually be found as an icon (based on arrow, stop-watch or pie-chart) at the top-right corner of your browser window. Click on the icon to see the download progress or cancel the download. The normal procedure with downloads in the browser is such, that it first asks you where to save the file (with a file browser dialogue) and then you have to wait until the download is finished. Because QGIS install packages, depending on the operating system, can be rather large you have to be patient. The download size can be anywhere between several hundred megabytes to sometimes more than one gigabyte (in case of MS Windows MSI packages). Depending on your download speed and the QGIS server load, downloads can take from several minutes up to several hours.

I have to donate in order to download QGIS

This is a misconception that we hear from time to time, but it is not true. Donating to QGIS is optional. After downloading QGIS, there is a message appearing, reminding that you can optionally donate to QGIS. However, you can press «Close this message» and continue downloading without any problem. We want QGIS to be accessible to anyone, no matter how your financial situation might be. If you are a first-time QGIS user, we recommend that you download, install and test QGIS first and find out if the software is useful for the tasks you want to solve. Only if you like QGIS and it substantially helps with your business, tasks or processes, you should think about donating towards QGIS or supporting it as a sustaining member.

Як задати питання про QGIS?

If you are going to ask QGIS related question via the mailing lists, please provide enough information to help others easily understand what your problem is. Without a clear and precise question, it is very hard to answer for anybody or takes just too much time because the answer will be a question to you etc etc. You may provide information such as:

  • використовуйте змістовну тему для свого листа

  • яку версію QGIS ви використовуєте (максимально точно)

  • що ви очікуєте отримати

  • що ви спробували і які результати отримали (якщо це можливо/має сенс)

  • якщо питання про неправильну роботу чогось, бажано також повідомити:

    • яка саме помилка виникає (якщо можливо — надайте знімки екрана, стек викликів, повний текст повідомлення про помилку)

    • яку операційну систему ви використовуєте, якої версії

    • як ви її встановили (OSGeo4W? автономний інсталятор? власноруч зібрана?)

    • коли саме сталася помилка (перевстановлення, нова інсталяція, оновлення системи, внесення змін у проект)

Пам’ятайте, чим точніше буде ваше питання, тим швидше та правильніше буде відповідь.


In case of a broken function, you may give a look at QGIS issue tracker before mailing to the list. More information at Помилки, нові можливості та інші проблеми.

How are QGIS release names selected?

After a successful developer meeting in Zurich (Switzerland), we decided that the next release should be related to it. Since then, all releases have been named after locations of our developer meetings.

How to cite QGIS?

To cite QGIS in your piece of work, or for an assignment, please use citation type that can be more helpful:

Cite the QGIS project in general

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS Geographic Information System. QGIS Association. http://www.qgis.org

Cite the QGIS Developers Manual

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS 3.34. Geographic Information System Developers Manual. QGIS Association. Electronic document: https://docs.qgis.org/3.34/en/docs/developers_guide/index.html

Cite the QGIS Installation Guide

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS 3.34. Geographic Information System Installation Guide. QGIS Association. Electronic document: https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/blob/master/INSTALL.md

Cite the QGIS User Guide

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS 3.34. Geographic Information System User Guide. QGIS Association. Electronic document: https://docs.qgis.org/3.34/en/docs/user_manual/index.html

Cite the QGIS Server Documentation

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS 3.34. Geographic Information System API Documentation. QGIS Association. Electronic document: https://docs.qgis.org/3.34/en/docs/server_manual/index.html

Cite the QGIS API Documentation

QGIS.org, %Y. QGIS 3.34. Geographic Information System API Documentation. QGIS Association. Electronic document: https://qgis.org/pyqgis/3.34/index.html

Preferred format: BibTeX

Example BibTeX entry:

      title = {QGIS Geographic Information System},
      author = {{QGIS Development Team}},
      organization = {QGIS Association},
      year = {%Y},
      url = {https://www.qgis.org},

I created a map with QGIS, do I have to mention QGIS?

There is no requirement to mention QGIS for maps produced with it. It is of course really welcome if would like to add a note saying that the map was produced with QGIS. «Made with QGIS» or «Map created using the Free and Open Source QGIS» are good examples of such a note.


Do not say ©QGIS as QGIS does not hold copyrights on your work.

Чи можу я відкривати файли ECW у QGIS?

Так, можете… АЛЕ в залежності від вашої операційної системи це може бути не так просто.

Якщо ви використовуєте Windows та інсталятор OSGeo4W, підтримка цього формату вже активована.

If you are using macOS, you can find the ECW plugin and install instructions at https://www.kyngchaos.com/software/frameworks

For other instructions, eg look here: https://www.faunalia.eu/en/blog/2019-05-21_ecw_support


Чи можу я скомпілювати QGIS самостійно?

Yes, compiling QGIS from source is possible whatever OS you use (Windows, OS X, Linux). Please read Building QGIS from source