Class: QgsSymbolLevelsWidget

class qgis.gui.QgsSymbolLevelsWidget

Bases: QgsPanelWidget

A widget which allows the user to modify the rendering order of symbol layers.

New in version 3.0.

QgsSymbolLevelsWidget(renderer: QgsFeatureRenderer, usingSymbolLevels: bool, parent: QWidget = None) Constructor for QgsSymbolLevelsWidget

QgsSymbolLevelsWidget(symbols: Iterable[QgsLegendSymbolItem], usingSymbolLevels: bool, parent: QWidget = None) Constructor for QgsSymbolLevelsWidget, which takes a list of symbols to show in the dialog.

actionEvent(self, QActionEvent)

Apply button.

Deprecated since version QGIS: 3.20. Use symbolLevels() and manually apply the changes to the renderer as appropriate.

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isSignalConnected(self, QMetaMethod) bool
keyPressEvent(self, event: QKeyEvent)

Overridden key press event to handle the esc event on the widget.


event – The key event

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sender(self) QObject
senderSignalIndex(self) int
setForceOrderingEnabled(self, enabled: bool)

Sets whether the level ordering is always forced on and hide the checkbox (used by rule-based renderer)


enabled (bool) – toggle level ordering

sharedPainter(self) QPainter
showEvent(self, QShowEvent)
symbolLevels(self) List[QgsLegendSymbolItem]

Returns the current legend symbols with rendering passes set, as defined in the widget.

New in version 3.20.

Return type:


tabletEvent(self, QTabletEvent)
timerEvent(self, QTimerEvent)
usingLevels(self) bool

Returns whether the level ordering is enabled

Return type:


wheelEvent(self, QWheelEvent)