Class: QgsCodeEditorPython

class qgis.gui.QgsCodeEditorPython

Bases: QgsCodeEditor

A Python editor based on QScintilla2. Adds syntax highlighting and code autocompletion.


may not be available in Python bindings, depending on platform support

New in version 2.6.

QgsCodeEditorPython(parent: QWidget = None, filenames: Iterable[str] = []) Construct a new Python editor.

  • parent – The parent QWidget

  • filenames – The list of apis files to load for the Python lexer

actionEvent(self, QActionEvent)

Triggers the autocompletion popup.

New in version 3.16.

canInsertFromMimeData(self, QMimeData) bool
changeEvent(self, QEvent)
childEvent(self, QChildEvent)
closeEvent(self, QCloseEvent)
connectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)
contextMenuEvent(self, QContextMenuEvent)
create(self, window: PyQt5.sip.voidptr = 0, initializeWindow: bool = True, destroyOldWindow: bool = True)
customEvent(self, QEvent)
destroy(self, destroyWindow: bool = True, destroySubWindows: bool = True)
disconnectNotify(self, QMetaMethod)
dragEnterEvent(self, QDragEnterEvent)
dragLeaveEvent(self, QDragLeaveEvent)
dragMoveEvent(self, QDragMoveEvent)
drawFrame(self, QPainter)
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enterEvent(self, QEvent)
event(self, QEvent) bool
eventFilter(self, watched: QObject, event: QEvent) bool
focusInEvent(self, QFocusEvent)
focusNextChild(self) bool
focusNextPrevChild(self, bool) bool
focusOutEvent(self, event: QFocusEvent)
focusPreviousChild(self) bool
fromMimeData(self, QMimeData) Tuple[QByteArray, bool]
hideEvent(self, QHideEvent)
initPainter(self, QPainter)
initStyleOption(self, QStyleOptionFrame)
inputMethodEvent(self, QInputMethodEvent)
inputMethodQuery(self, Qt.InputMethodQuery) Any
isFixedPitch(self, font: QFont) bool
isSignalConnected(self, QMetaMethod) bool
keyPressEvent(self, event: QKeyEvent)
keyReleaseEvent(self, QKeyEvent)
leaveEvent(self, QEvent)
lexerColor(self, role: QgsCodeEditorColorScheme.ColorRole) QColor

Returns the color to use in the lexer for the specified role.

New in version 3.16.

lexerFont(self) QFont

Returns the font to use in the lexer.

New in version 3.16.

loadAPIs(self, filenames: Iterable[str])

Load APIs from one or more files


filenames (Iterable[str]) – The list of apis files to load for the Python lexer

loadScript(self, script: str) bool

Load a script file


script (str) – The script file to load

Return type:


metric(self, QPaintDevice.PaintDeviceMetric) int
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nativeEvent(self, Union[QByteArray, bytes, bytearray], PyQt5.sip.voidptr) Tuple[bool, int]
paintEvent(self, QPaintEvent)
receivers(self, PYQT_SIGNAL) int
resizeEvent(self, QResizeEvent)

Performs tasks which must be run after a lexer has been set for the widget.

New in version 3.16.

scrollContentsBy(self, int, int)

Searches the selected text in the official PyQGIS online documentation.

New in version 3.16.

sender(self) QObject
senderSignalIndex(self) int
setViewportMargins(self, int, int, int, int)
setViewportMargins(self, QMargins) None
sharedPainter(self) QPainter
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timerEvent(self, QTimerEvent)
toMimeData(self, Union[QByteArray, bytes, bytearray], bool) QMimeData
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viewportMargins(self) QMargins
viewportSizeHint(self) QSize
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