Class: QgsMapLayerType

class qgis.core.QgsMapLayerType(value)

Bases: enum.IntEnum

Types of layers that can be added to a map

New in version 3.8.

  • VectorLayer: Vector layer

  • RasterLayer: Raster layer

  • PluginLayer: Plugin based layer

  • MeshLayer: Mesh layer. Added in QGIS 3.2

  • VectorTileLayer: Vector tile layer. Added in QGIS 3.14

  • AnnotationLayer: Contains freeform, georeferenced annotations. Added in QGIS 3.16

  • PointCloudLayer: Point cloud layer. Added in QGIS 3.18

  • GroupLayer: Composite group layer. Added in QGIS 3.24