Class: QgsMaterialSettingsRenderingTechnique

class qgis.3d.QgsMaterialSettingsRenderingTechnique(value)

Bases: enum.IntEnum

Material rendering techniques

New in version 3.16.

  • Triangles: Triangle based rendering (default)

  • Lines: Line based rendering, requires line data

  • InstancedPoints: Instanced based rendering, requiring triangles and point data

  • Points: Point based rendering, requires point data

  • TrianglesWithFixedTexture: Triangle based rendering, using a fixed, non-user-configurable texture (e.g. for terrain rendering)

  • TrianglesFromModel: Triangle based rendering, using a model object source

  • TrianglesDataDefined: Triangle based rendering with possibility of datadefined color since QGIS 3.18