Class: QgsTextFormatDialog

class qgis.gui.QgsTextFormatDialog(format: QgsTextFormat, mapCanvas: QgsMapCanvas = None, parent: QWidget = None, fl: Union[Qt.WindowFlags, Qt.WindowType] = QgsGuiUtils.ModalDialogFlags, layer: QgsVectorLayer = None)

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QDialog

Constructor for QgsTextFormatDialog.

  • format – initial format settings to show in dialog

  • mapCanvas – optional associated map canvas

  • parent – parent widget

  • fl – window flags for dialog

  • layer – associated vector layer

A simple dialog for customizing text formatting settings.

QgsTextFormatDialog provides a dialog for controlling the appearance of text rendered using QgsTextRenderer. The dialog includes all settings contained within a QgsTextFormat, including shadow, background and buffer.

actionEvent(self, QActionEvent)

Returns a reference to the dialog’s button box.

New in version 3.10.

Return type


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focusNextPrevChild(self, bool)bool
focusOutEvent(self, QFocusEvent)

Returns the current formatting settings defined by the widget.

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receivers(self, PYQT_SIGNAL)int
resizeEvent(self, QResizeEvent)
setContext(self, context: QgsSymbolWidgetContext)

Sets the context in which the widget is shown, e.g., the associated map canvas and expression contexts.

New in version 3.10.


context (QgsSymbolWidgetContext) –

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