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Note: Books order is newest first. Note2: After the english books there are french, greek and polish items


On the Way with GIS

Open the Door to GIS - Student and Teacher’s Edition

Open the Door to GIS offers a way for teachers to use this powerful software in their classes without having to become experts, with freely downloadable Open-Source GIS, QGIS. Open the Door to GIS is recommended for students age 10 to 15 years and is available as both a Teacher and Student edition.

QGIS Python Programming Cookbook - Second Edition

Based on version QGIS 2.18, this book will teach you how to write Python code that works with spatial data to automate geoprocessing tasks in QGIS.

QGIS:Becoming a GIS Power User

Master data management, visualization, and spatial analysis techniques in QGIS and become a GIS power user

Mastering QGIS - Second Edition

Go beyond the basics and unleash the full power of QGIS with practical, step-by-step examples

Discover QGIS

The Workbook for the GeoAcademy Curriculum

QGIS 2 Cookbook

Become a QGIS power user and master QGIS data management, visualisation and spatial analysis techniques

Learning QGIS - Third Edition

Utilize o QGIS para criar ótimos mapas e realize todas as tarefas de geoprocessamento que necessita.

QGIS - Projeto de Mapa

Aprenda a utilizar o QGIS para levar os seus produtos cartográficos até ao mais alto nível.

Dominar o QGIS

Dive into QGIS and master geospatial data with this advanced guide, created to help you develop maps and applications that let you explore the world in new ways.

QGIS - Planos

Develop analytical location-based web applications with QGIS

QGIS - By Example

Leverage the power of QGIS in real-world applications to become a powerful user in cartography and GIS analysis

O Guia do Programador de PyQGIS - Extendendo o QGIS com Python

Welcome to the world of PyQGIS, the blending of Quantum GIS and Python to extend and enhance your open source GIS toolbox. With PyQGIS you can write scripts and plugins to implement new features and perform automated tasks.

O Manual de Treino de QGIS - Uma Introdução Compreensível ao Quantum GIS

Projetado para trabalhar com o QGIS 1.8

Years of experience in a single book─the official Quantum GIS Training Manual written by seasoned trainers. It’s the jump-start you need to learn this incredibly popular free desktop mapping and GIS toolset.


QGIS at secondary level - Geography Studies - Cartography at secondary level - GISwijzer GO game


Systèmes d’information géographique. Cours et exercices corrigés avec Grass et Qgis

Learning QGIS by example in french

This book covers essential workflows in GIS from data creation to its cartographic representation and some basics in spatial analysis.


Introduction to Raster Analysis (Learning QGIS Book 2)

Basic Workbook is an introductory text for learning QGIS (2.8)


Learn about GIS and QGIS in Polish

The book is prepared like the series «for Dummies».


Geological Applications with Open Source Coded Geographic Information Systems

(Açık Kaynak Kodlu Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri ile Jeoloji Uygulamaları

The book consists of 2 main parts; In the first part, Geographical Information Systems subject is explained. In the second part, QGIS is used with geological applications.