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QGIS overview

Giving the power of spatial visualization and decision making tools to everyone


Available on Windows, Mac, Linux

Key features

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Class-leading cartography

Experience QGIS’ extensive set of design options to bring your cartographic ideas to life.

Professional map production

Use the intuitive layout design tool to produce high-quality, large-format print maps.

Powerful reporting tools

Create atlases and reports with maps, media and tabular content.

Edit map

Exceptional digitizing proficiency

Create and edit points, lines, polygons, and meshes with precision.

Advanced construction tools

Build geometries with curves, CAD-like tools, and an extensive range of geometry transformations.

Highly customizable forms

Create user-friendly forms using our form designer.

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Comprehensive analysis toolset

Uncover insights from your data with our comprehensive array of hundreds of analysis tools.

Automated analysis workflows

Visually combine analysis tools to create reproducible workflows easily.

Extensible analysis environment

Explore our diverse plugin ecosystem of third-party analysis tools for expanded capabilities.

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Industry-leading format support

Conquer data integration challenges with support for a multitude of data sources and formats.

Standards and interoperability

Amplify your impact by exploring, utilizing, and creating web services based on industry standards.

Publish your work

Extend QGIS to the cloud and mobile devices for wider accessibility.

Level up with community resources

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2000+ plugins developed by community

Enhance the functionality of QGIS application with thousands of free additional features.

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International conference

Annual international conference

Connect with professionals, enthusiasts, and QGIS users for networking and knowledge sharing at our annual international user conference.

Community meetings

Local user groups

Local user groups and support providers

Join a community of like-minded individuals in your region.

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Cross platform

QGIS Server

Publish your QGIS projects and layers as OGC compatible WMS, WMTS, WFS and WCS services. Control which layers, attributes, layouts and coordinate systems are exported. QGIS server is considered as a reference implementation for WMS 1.3.

QGIS Desktop

Create, edit, visualise, analyse and publish geospatial information.

Download for Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Android.

QGIS Web Client

Publish your QGIS projects on the web with ease.

Benefit from the powerful symbology, labeling and blending features to impress the world with your maps.

QGIS Web Client 2

QGIS on mobiles and tablets

The QGIS experience does not stop on the desktop. Various third-party touch optimized apps allow you to take QGIS out of the office.

Case Studies

We gather inspiring stories from our users that showcase the versatility and power of the QGIS project.

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Maps showcase

Demonstrations of our user’s creativity, showcasing the powerful map creation capabilities of QGIS.

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Application screenshots

Below are some screenshots from QGIS itself and a selection of maps which were created with QGIS.

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