Znak towarowy QGIS

The QGIS name and logo are protected under European law from unauthorized and confusing uses of the trademark. You can find our trademark information at [https://oami.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/012702643] and [https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017228222]. Our main aim is to encourage those who do business using QGIS name and logo to participate actively in the project and help us to improve QGIS.


When you can use the QGIS trademark without asking for a permission

In cases of fair use, you may use or refer to QGIS trademark without an explicit permission from us. For instance:

  • Books, articles, tutorials: If you write articles, books, blog articles, tutorials, study materials for university, and similar, you do not need a permission to cite QGIS name and use the logo in it.


We require you to give attribution to the QGIS project and reference the project website somewhere in your book, article, etc. This could be a short paragraph in the Introduction or Preface. Please avoid confusing terms like „QGIS manual”, or anything that may give the impression of an official QGIS product, or is misleading.

  • Courses, training: If you give a course on QGIS, either academic, free, or commercial, you can use the logo and the name in course material.


Please routinely explain in your course that QGIS is free and open source software, and actively encourage anyone to contribute, directly or indirectly, to the project.

  • Services: If you provide services (support, development) on QGIS, you can use QGIS trademark to describe or advertise your services or products relating to QGIS, provided this is done in a way that is not misleading.
  • Linking: If you use the QGIS logo on a website linking to our websites (http://qgis.org or any of our domains, or github), you do not need a permission.
  • Merchandise: You can make t-shirts, desktop wallpapers, caps, or other merchandise with QGIS trademark for non-commercial usage. You can also make merchandise with QGIS trademark for commercial usage. In case of commercial usage, we recommend that you truthfully advertise to customers which part of the selling price, if any, will be donated to the QGIS project. See our donations page for more information on how to donate to the QGIS project.

Examples of use requiring a permission

Some uses of our trademark require the user to obtain a permission. For instance:

  • Product names: If you plan to market a QGIS-based product or service to the public using a trademark that includes the element „QGIS”, such as „YourCompany QGIS” you are required to apply for and obtain a permission from the QGIS Project Steering Committee (QGIS-PSC). This is true whether or not you apply to register your trademark with a government. When developing and advertising QGIS-based products, we ask you to follow the following guidelines:
  1. Don’t present your work as our work.

    • If you provide a customized QGIS version, make it clear that your offer is a derivative product, and not the official QGIS version.
  2. Don’t present our work as your work.

    • Give credit to the QGIS project where due. Don’t hide the fact that your product is based on QGIS.

    Good product name examples include:

    • YourCompany QGIS
    • YourCompany Desktop/Suite powered by QGIS
    • YourBrand powered by QGIS
    • YourBrand based on QGIS


When referring to QGIS please do not undermine the validity of the main QGIS project. We prefer that you refer to our software packages as „Official Packages” and not „Community Releases” or similar. If you create your own packages, please make it clear that these are derivative packages and not created or endorsed by the QGIS project.

  • Domains: If you use QGIS trademark in a domain name, with or without commercial intent

If you need a permission, please write to our Financial and Marketing Advisor (trademark@qgis.org).


A permission is not a formal endorsement of QGIS project and doesn’t mean anything about quality of the service.

Examples of unacceptable uses

  • Fake affiliation/endorsement: You cannot use QGIS trademark in. any way that suggests an affiliation with or endorsement by the QGIS project or community, if the same is not true
  • Company names: You cannot use QGIS trademark in a company or commercial organization name.
  • Confusingly similar trademarks: You cannot use a name that is confusingly similar to QGIS trademark.

If in doubt, find out!

Many questions are answered in the FAQ below. If you are unable to locate an answer to your question, please contact our Financial and Marketing Advisor (trademark@qgis.org).

Zgłoś nadużycie

If you know of people, organizations or companies using the QGIS name or logo as part of a trademark without a permission, or if you see references to QGIS without the proper attributions, please feel free to let them know about our trademark. We would appreciate if you could notify us through a mail to our Financial and Marketing Advisor (trademark@qgis.org).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a permission?

A: You need to apply for a permission if you are using the term “QGIS” as part of your own trademark or brand identifier for QGIS-based software goods or services. It doesn’t matter if your trademark is unregistered, or if you do not plan to make any money using the mark.

Q: When do I have to show proper attribution?

A: Whenever and however you use the term QGIS in print, on the internet, or in audio broadcasts, you should always give proper attribution to QGIS project. For more information see “Trademark Attribution.”

Q: I am registering or have registered a trademark with my country’s trademark authority. Do I still need a permission?

A: Yes, assuming your trademark includes the element QGIS and it is being used in connection with software-related goods and services. Please note, the permission applies to QGIS trademark whether or not they are registered with a trademark authority. If you are using the term QGIS as a trademark (whether or not registered), you need to apply for a permission.

Q: I am a commercial entity (for example, a company, partnership or sole proprietor, profit or non-profit) selling software-related goods or services and using the word „QGIS” in the entity’s name. Do I need to apply for a permission?

A: Yes, because you are using QGIS as part of a trademark in connection with software-related goods or services. Software-related goods are computer programs and systems, or packages bundling software with tools, utilities, hardware, etc. Software-related services are services that deploy, document, facilitate the use of, or enhance computer programs and systems.

Even if you don’t use QGIS as part of the entity’s name, if the entity has a product or service (whether sold or given away for free) that uses „QGIS” in its name, you still need a permission for the use of the word QGIS in the name of the products or services.

Q: If I get a permission for my trademark, will QGIS refuse to grant similar permissions to marks that are the same as, or confusingly similar to, my mark?

A: No, QGIS will not attempt to ensure exclusivity or protect marks from infringement. QGIS considers the protection of trademarks against infringement to be the responsibility of the trademark owner. QGIS is not a dispute resolution authority, and does not become involved in disputes between trademark owners.

Q: Trademark Registration Consent: My organization has applied to register a trademark for software-related goods or services that includes QGIS as an element. The application was rejected for confusing similarity to QGIS trademark. If I enter into a permission, will QGIS consent to my registration?

A: No. The QGIS permission is not a consent for the registration of other trademarks. To protect the QGIS mark from dilution, we do not consent to the registration of trademarks found to be confusingly similar to the QGIS mark.