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La actualización de la documentación de QGIS es gestionada por la Community Team Lead. Eche un vistazo en el QGIS Governance Para averiguar quién es el responsable de guiarlo

The complete list of documents managed by the QGIS documentation team can be found at A list of documenters can be found at

Lista de correo sobre Documentación

If you plan to contribute to QGIS documentation, see Convertirse en un documentador. For other related questions, please contact the Documentation Team Leader or subscribe with the qgis-community-team mailing list.

Después de suscribirse a la lista de correo serás capaz de enviar un correo directamente a para pedir ayuda.

We strongly encourage anyone dealing with documentation and its translations to join this list and promise that it is usually a very low traffic mailing list.

Las otras listas de correo disponibles pueden encontrarse en Listas de correos.

Convertirse en un documentador

The QGIS project is always looking for people who are willing to invest some more time updating QGIS documentation and translating it into a foreign language - even perhaps to coordinate the update and translation effort.

We are trying to improve our project management process and spread the load more evenly between people who each have a specific area of responsibility, so any contribution you have to make will be greatly appreciated.

The complete list of documents managed by the QGIS Documentation Team can be found at All the documentation sources are hosted in QGIS-Documentation repository. If you want to update some features in QGIS or document new ones, you need to:

Instructions for contributing in documentation and managing a git repository are available at Documentation Guidelines


Acceso directo al archivo original

To easily find the file to update in the repository, use the Fix me link provided at the bottom of any page of the Testing documentation. It directly opens the source file in your forked repo. Just make your changes, commit in a new branch and submit pull request to the main repository.