QGIS is not only a desktop GIS. We also provide a spatial file browser, a server application, and web applications.

QGIS Desktop

Skab, redigér, visualisér, analysér og udgiv geospatial information.

Til Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD og Android.

QGIS Desktop

Et screenshot af QGIS desktop

QGIS Server

Publish your QGIS projects and layers as OGC compatible WMS, WMTS, WFS and WCS services. Control which layers, attributes, layouts and coordinate systems are exported. QGIS server is considered as a reference implementation for WMS 1.3.

QGIS Server OGC cerfication badge
QGIS Server

Et screenshot af QGIS server konfiguration i QGIS desktop

QGIS Webkilent

Publicér let dit QGIS-projekt på nettet, hvor du kan drage fordel af de kraftfulde symbol- og labeling-funktioner, der kan forbedre dine kort.

QGIS Webkilent

Et screenshot af QGIS web klienten

QGIS on mobiles and tablets

The QGIS experience does not stop on the desktop. Various third-party touch optimized apps allow you to take QGIS into the field

QField for QGIS (formerly QGIS for Android)


A screenshot of QField for QGIS (available for Android, Windows, iOS coming soon)

Mergin Maps Input app

Mergin Maps Input app

A screenshot of Mergin Maps Input app (available for Android, iOS)

IntraMaps Roam


A screenshot of IntraMaps Roam (available for Windows)