This page should show you all the infrastructure and services that QGIS uses, and current contacts or owners.


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It is not wise to put accountnames here, but let me know if that is better. We can also use nicks.

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Some sources: and


Main contact: Gary

Main server

Access: Alessandro P, Werner M, Richard D, Frank W, Martin, Otto D, Gary S, Jurgen F, Tim S, Pirmin K

Root: Jurgen F

Sudo: Richard D

Documentation and website

Responsible: Harrissou S, Richard D, Matteo G …

Github management

Rights depending on sub project plz contact Marco B, Alessandro P, Tim S, Richard D

Flickr Groups

Groupstarters: Nathan W, Anita G, Matieu


Responsible: Nathan W, Anita G


Responsible: Nathan W


Responsible: Andreas N


Responsible: Jurgen F

Planet feeds

Responsible: Tim S, Marco B

OLD Wiki and Redmine

Responsible: Pirmin K, Duivenvoorde R