QGIS API Documentation  3.21.0-Master (5b68dc587e)
_LayerRef< TYPE > Member List

This is the complete list of members for _LayerRef< TYPE >, including all inherited members.

_LayerRef(TYPE *l=nullptr)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
_LayerRef(const QString &id, const QString &name=QString(), const QString &source=QString(), const QString &provider=QString())_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
All enum value_LayerRef< TYPE >
get() const_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
layer_LayerRef< TYPE >
layerId_LayerRef< TYPE >
layerMatchesSource(QgsMapLayer *layer) const_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
layerMatchesWeakly(QgsMapLayer *layer, MatchType matchType=MatchType::All)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
MatchType enum name_LayerRef< TYPE >
name_LayerRef< TYPE >
Name enum value_LayerRef< TYPE >
operator bool() const_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
operator->() const_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
provider_LayerRef< TYPE >
Provider enum value_LayerRef< TYPE >
resolve(const QgsProject *project)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
resolveByIdOrNameOnly(const QgsProject *project)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
resolveWeakly(const QgsProject *project, MatchType matchType=MatchType::All)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
setLayer(TYPE *l)_LayerRef< TYPE >inline
Source enum value_LayerRef< TYPE >
source_LayerRef< TYPE >