QGIS API Documentation  3.17.0-Master (3b262f2a79)
qgsprocessingparametertininputlayers.h File Reference
#include "qgsprocessingparameters.h"
#include "qgsprocessingparametertype.h"
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struct  QgsProcessingParameterTinInputLayers::InputLayer
 Used to store input layer Id and other associated parameters. More...
class  QgsProcessingParameterTinInputLayers
 A parameter for processing algorithms that need a list of input vector layers to construct a TIN A valid value for this parameter is a list (QVariantList), where each item is a map (QVariantMap) in this form: { 'source': string that represents identification of the vector layer, 'type': how the vector layer is used : as vertices, structure lines or break lines 'attributeIndex' : the index of the attribute of the vector layer used to defined the Z value of vertices, if -1, the Z coordinates of features are used }. More...