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1 /***************************************************************************
2  qgsalgorithmlinedensity.h
3  ---------------------
4  begin : December 2019
5  copyright : (C) 2019 by Clemens Raffler
6  email : clemens dot raffler at gmail dot com
7  ***************************************************************************/
9 /***************************************************************************
10  * *
11  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify *
12  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by *
13  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or *
14  * (at your option) any later version. *
15  * *
16  ***************************************************************************/
21 #define SIP_NO_FILE
23 #include "qgis_sip.h"
24 #include "qgsprocessingalgorithm.h"
25 #include "qgsapplication.h"
37 class QgsLineDensityAlgorithm : public QgsProcessingAlgorithm
38 {
39  public:
41  QgsLineDensityAlgorithm() = default;
42  void initAlgorithm( const QVariantMap &configuration = QVariantMap() ) override;
43  QIcon icon() const override { return QgsApplication::getThemeIcon( QStringLiteral( "/algorithms/mAlgorithmLineDensity.svg" ) ); }
44  QString svgIconPath() const override { return QgsApplication::iconPath( QStringLiteral( "/algorithms/mAlgorithmLineDensity.svg" ) ); }
45  QString name() const override;
46  QString displayName() const override;
47  QStringList tags() const override;
48  QString group() const override;
49  QString groupId() const override;
50  QString shortHelpString() const override;
51  QgsLineDensityAlgorithm *createInstance() const override SIP_FACTORY;
53  protected:
54  bool prepareAlgorithm( const QVariantMap &parameters, QgsProcessingContext &context, QgsProcessingFeedback *feedback ) override;
55  QVariantMap processAlgorithm( const QVariantMap &parameters,
56  QgsProcessingContext &context,
57  QgsProcessingFeedback *feedback ) override;
59  private:
60  std::unique_ptr< QgsFeatureSource > mSource;
61  QString mWeightField;
62  double mSearchRadius;
63  double mPixelSize;
64  QgsGeometry mSearchGeometry;
65  QgsRectangle mExtent;
67  QgsDistanceArea mDa;
68  QgsSpatialIndex mIndex;
69  QHash<QgsFeatureId, double> mFeatureWeights;
71 };
virtual bool prepareAlgorithm(const QVariantMap &parameters, QgsProcessingContext &context, QgsProcessingFeedback *feedback) SIP_THROW(QgsProcessingException)
Prepares the algorithm to run using the specified parameters.
A rectangle specified with double values.
Definition: qgsrectangle.h:41
virtual QIcon icon() const
Returns an icon for the algorithm.
Base class for providing feedback from a processing algorithm.
virtual QString name() const =0
Returns the algorithm name, used for identifying the algorithm.
virtual QString group() const
Returns the name of the group this algorithm belongs to.
static QString iconPath(const QString &iconFile)
Returns path to the desired icon file.
A geometry is the spatial representation of a feature.
Definition: qgsgeometry.h:123
static QIcon getThemeIcon(const QString &name)
Helper to get a theme icon.
virtual QStringList tags() const
Returns a list of tags which relate to the algorithm, and are used to assist users in searching for s...
virtual QString shortHelpString() const
Returns a localised short helper string for the algorithm.
Abstract base class for processing algorithms.
virtual void initAlgorithm(const QVariantMap &configuration=QVariantMap())=0
Initializes the algorithm using the specified configuration.
Definition: qgis_sip.h:76
virtual QgsProcessingAlgorithm * createInstance() const =0
Creates a new instance of the algorithm class.
A general purpose distance and area calculator, capable of performing ellipsoid based calculations...
virtual QVariantMap processAlgorithm(const QVariantMap &parameters, QgsProcessingContext &context, QgsProcessingFeedback *feedback) SIP_THROW(QgsProcessingException)=0
Runs the algorithm using the specified parameters.
A spatial index for QgsFeature objects.
virtual QString displayName() const =0
Returns the translated algorithm name, which should be used for any user-visible display of the algor...
This class represents a coordinate reference system (CRS).
virtual QString groupId() const
Returns the unique ID of the group this algorithm belongs to.
Contains information about the context in which a processing algorithm is executed.
virtual QString svgIconPath() const
Returns a path to an SVG version of the algorithm&#39;s icon.