Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.7.4
QgsMapToPixel Member List
This is the complete list of members for QgsMapToPixel, including all inherited members.
mapUnitsPerPixel() const QgsMapToPixel
mMapUnitsPerPixelQgsMapToPixel [private]
QgsMapToPixel(double mapUnitsPerPixel=0, double ymax=0, double ymin=0, double xmin=0)QgsMapToPixel
setMapUnitsPerPixel(double mapUnitsPerPixel)QgsMapToPixel
setParameters(double mapUnitsPerPixel, double xmin, double ymin, double ymax)QgsMapToPixel
setXMinimum(double xmin)QgsMapToPixel
setYMaximum(double ymax)QgsMapToPixel
setYMinimum(double ymin)QgsMapToPixel
toMapCoordinates(int x, int y) const QgsMapToPixel
toMapCoordinates(QPoint p) const QgsMapToPixel
toMapCoordinatesF(double x, double y) const QgsMapToPixel
toMapPoint(double x, double y) const QgsMapToPixel
transform(const QgsPoint &p) const QgsMapToPixel
transform(QgsPoint *p) const QgsMapToPixel
transform(double x, double y) const QgsMapToPixel
transformInPlace(double &x, double &y) const QgsMapToPixel
transformInPlace(std::vector< double > &x, std::vector< double > &y) const QgsMapToPixel
xMaxQgsMapToPixel [private]
xMinQgsMapToPixel [private]
yMaxQgsMapToPixel [private]
yMinQgsMapToPixel [private]
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