Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.7.4
QgisPlugin Member List
This is the complete list of members for QgisPlugin, including all inherited members.
description() const QgisPlugin [inline]
description()QgisPlugin [inline]
initGui()=0QgisPlugin [pure virtual]
MAPLAYER enum valueQgisPlugin
mDescriptionQgisPlugin [private]
mNameQgisPlugin [private]
mTypeQgisPlugin [private]
mVersionQgisPlugin [private]
name() const QgisPlugin [inline]
name()QgisPlugin [inline]
PLUGINTYPE enum nameQgisPlugin
QgisPlugin(QString const &name="", QString const &description="", QString const &version="", PLUGINTYPE const &type=MAPLAYER)QgisPlugin [inline]
RENDERER enum valueQgisPlugin
type() const QgisPlugin [inline]
type()QgisPlugin [inline]
UI enum valueQgisPlugin
unload()=0QgisPlugin [pure virtual]
VECTOR_OVERLAY enum valueQgisPlugin
version() const QgisPlugin [inline]
version()QgisPlugin [inline]
~QgisPlugin()QgisPlugin [inline, virtual]
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