Quantum GIS API Documentation  1.7.4
Point3D Member List
This is the complete list of members for Point3D, including all inherited members.
dist3D(Point3D *p) const Point3D
getX() const Point3D [inline]
getY() const Point3D [inline]
getZ() const Point3D [inline]
mXPoint3D [protected]
mYPoint3D [protected]
mZPoint3D [protected]
operator!=(const Point3D &p)Point3D
operator=(const Point3D &p)Point3D
operator==(const Point3D &p)Point3D
Point3D()Point3D [inline]
Point3D(double x, double y, double z)Point3D [inline]
Point3D(const Point3D &p)Point3D [inline]
setX(double x)Point3D [inline]
setY(double y)Point3D [inline]
setZ(double z)Point3D [inline]
~Point3D()Point3D [inline]
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