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Bezier3D Member List
This is the complete list of members for Bezier3D, including all inherited members.
add(ParametricLine *pl)Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
Bezier3D()Bezier3D [inline]
Bezier3D(ParametricLine *par, QVector< Point3D * > *controlpoly)Bezier3D [inline]
calcFirstDer(float t, Vector3D *v)Bezier3D [virtual]
calcPoint(float t, Point3D *p)Bezier3D [virtual]
calcSecDer(float t, Vector3D *v)Bezier3D [virtual]
changeDirection()Bezier3D [virtual]
getControlPoint(int number) const Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
getControlPoly() const Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
getDegree() const Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
getParent() const Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
mControlPolyParametricLine [protected]
mDegreeParametricLine [protected]
mParentParametricLine [protected]
ParametricLine()ParametricLine [inline]
ParametricLine(ParametricLine *par, QVector< Point3D * > *controlpoly)ParametricLine [inline]
remove(int i)Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
setControlPoly(QVector< Point3D * > *cp)Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
setParent(ParametricLine *par)Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
~Bezier3D()Bezier3D [inline, virtual]
~ParametricLine()ParametricLine [inline, virtual]
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