QgsRenderer Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsRenderer, including all inherited members.

classificationAttributes() const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
clone() const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
containsPixmap() const QgsRenderer [virtual]
mGeometryTypeQgsRenderer [protected]
mSelectionColorQgsRenderer [protected, static]
name() const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
needsAttributes() const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
readXML(const QDomNode &rnode, QgsVectorLayer &vl)=0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
renderFeature(QPainter *p, QgsFeature &f, QImage *img, bool selected, double widthScale=1.0, double rasterScaleFactor=1.0)QgsRenderer [inline]
renderFeature(QgsRenderContext &renderContext, QgsFeature &f, QImage *pic, bool selected)QgsRenderer [inline]
renderFeature(QgsRenderContext &renderContext, QgsFeature &f, QImage *pic, bool selected, double opacity)=0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
scaleBrush(QBrush &b, double rasterScaleFactor)QgsRenderer [static]
selectionColor()QgsRenderer [static]
setSelectionColor(QColor color)QgsRenderer [static]
symbols() const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
usesTransparency() const QgsRenderer [inline, virtual]
willRenderFeature(QgsFeature *f)QgsRenderer [inline, virtual]
writeXML(QDomNode &layer_node, QDomDocument &document, const QgsVectorLayer &vl) const =0QgsRenderer [pure virtual]
~QgsRenderer()QgsRenderer [virtual]

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