QgsClipper Member List

This is the complete list of members for QgsClipper, including all inherited members.

Boundary enum nameQgsClipper
inside(const double x, const double y, Boundary b)QgsClipper [inline, private, static]
intersect(const double x1, const double y1, const double x2, const double y2, Boundary b)QgsClipper [inline, private, static]
MAX_XQgsClipper [static]
MAX_YQgsClipper [static]
MIN_XQgsClipper [static]
MIN_YQgsClipper [static]
SMALL_NUMQgsClipper [private, static]
trimFeature(std::vector< double > &x, std::vector< double > &y, bool shapeOpen)QgsClipper [inline, static]
trimFeatureToBoundary(const std::vector< double > &inX, const std::vector< double > &inY, std::vector< double > &outX, std::vector< double > &outY, Boundary b, bool shapeOpen)QgsClipper [inline, private, static]
XMax enum valueQgsClipper
XMin enum valueQgsClipper
YMax enum valueQgsClipper
YMin enum valueQgsClipper

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