HalfEdge Member List

This is the complete list of members for HalfEdge, including all inherited members.

getBreak() const HalfEdge [inline]
getDual() const HalfEdge [inline]
getForced() const HalfEdge [inline]
getNext() const HalfEdge [inline]
getPoint() const HalfEdge [inline]
HalfEdge()HalfEdge [inline]
HalfEdge(int dual, int next, int point, bool mbreak, bool forced)HalfEdge [inline]
mBreakHalfEdge [protected]
mDualHalfEdge [protected]
mForcedHalfEdge [protected]
mNextHalfEdge [protected]
mPointHalfEdge [protected]
setBreak(bool b)HalfEdge [inline]
setDual(int d)HalfEdge [inline]
setForced(bool f)HalfEdge [inline]
setNext(int n)HalfEdge [inline]
setPoint(int p)HalfEdge [inline]
~HalfEdge()HalfEdge [inline]

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